Rowan ASSeRT Lab

ASSeRT (Aggression, Substance, and Sexuality Research Team) is a collaborative laboratory where faculty, undergraduate and graduate students work together to conduct research. Our students benefit from having two faculty mentors with overlapping interests, as described below. Dr. Angelone and Dr. Joppa will be accepting graduate students for the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology in the Fall of 2018. We also work with thesis students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. program and undergraduates who are interested in gaining research experience.

Dr. Angelone's primary research interests involve the empirical study of sexually aggressive and sexually risky behaviors. We have recently focused on understanding the person and situational factors that affect sexual assault risk recognition, as well as potential influences that can increase STI risk in certain subgroups. We have also focused on the development and implementation of laboratory analogues (including vignette studies) to examine the variables associated with sexual aggression. Finally, we are interested in examining factors related to success in twelve-step groups for addictions.

Dr. Joppa's primary research interests center on promoting healthy romantic relationships and sexual behavior among at-risk adolescents and young adults. We use attachment theory to examine the links between romantic relationship skills and risk for dating violence, sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy and HIV. Dr. Joppa is interested in developing interventions to prevent these relationship risk behaviors, and we are currently channeling these research interests into developing an intervention for young (15-22) mothers aimed at preventing rapid repeat pregnancy, STIs and HIV with an emphasis on fostering healthy relationship skills.